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Sex on the beach_(4)

2023-01-20 21:54:48

We were both in the same year at school, and at the age of 15 both glad to be able to do our own thing for a while. Of course, being England, the heat brought along with it the rain. It was during one of these storms the story really starts.

I was sat at the desk in my room trying to trawl through some homework which needed to be done over the holidays. At some stage I must have lapsed into daydreaming, I can’t remember what about, but I found myself looking at the rain running down the outside of the window. It was absolutely chucking it down. So with it quickly turning into a lake outside and nothing else to do, it was back to the homework for me.

I decided I needed something to wake me up a bit and walked down to the kitchen to get a drink. I flicked the kettle on and it quickly started bubbling away. Just as I was about to pour it, the back door came flying open with an enormous bang. Spinning round I managed to pour the freshly boiling water all over my hand.

The pain didn’t set in immediately as I was somewhat suddenly distracted by the site of my sister stood in the doorway, dripping wet. She was wearing one of those small white tee-shirts and of course when wet, they don’t leave much to the imagination. It’s that sight that distracted me and I just stood there gawping at her chest. And boy could you see everything! Apparently she had decided not to wear a bra that day and the sight of her shirt clinging tightly to her boobs, with even the colour of her nipples showing through had been enough to distract me from the pain in my hand.

“Its pissing down out there” She declared angrily, “I’m drenched!”

Now all of this had happened in maybe five or ten seconds, and of course the pain soon caught up with me.

“Arrrrgh Fuck!” I shouted as I started shaking my rapidly red turning hand. “Its only rain” said Em “no need to swear” she chuckled before turning back around to see me waving my hand franticly in the air.

“What you doing freak” asked my rather bemused sister.

“I just poured boiling water on my fucking hand” I retorted. My Sis always was good in a crisis, seemed to know what to do. “Stop waving it, and put it under the tap” She said quickly grabbing my wrist and yanking it into the sink. She held it there and turned on the cold water. The coolness of it quickly started soothing my hand and she kept it there for a good while.

Of course, with the pain dissipating, my eyes were drawn back to the beautiful pair of breasts inside the dripping tee-shirt, which was by now hovering pretty much by the side of my face as I lent against the sink. I could see the shape perfectly, the roundness and her nipples poking against the fabric. My sister was a slim girl, and at that age had curves in all the right places and in all the right proportions for any guy to drool over. Most of my mates had made comments along the lines of “your sis is well fit” or “nice rack” and trust me, if I hadn’t noticed before, I certainly was now!

There was a bulge forming quickly in my shorts as I enjoyed the view, almost forgetting about my hand. Now just like my sister, I was not bad looking either. I was about 5’10”, slim but well toned. I had been involved with many outdoor sports for a few years and the effort had been rewarded.

“Right, let’s have a look at your hand” ordered Em, bringing it up to her face to examine. “hmmm, still quite red, but at least it’s not too bad” she said. “stick it back under for another few minutes”. As she thrust it back under the tap her chest brushed against my arm, at the same time as her knee nudged against the bulge at my crotch. I nearly collapsed, when she let go of me. “I’m gonna grab a shower” Said Em. “Cool” I replied, “I’m gonna finish my homework when I’m done here”. “Cool” she said as she walked out of the room.

After a while, I felt my hand had been sufficiently chilled, and finished making my brew and trudged back to my room. Images of my sis were revolving around my head. As I passed the bathroom, the shower was still running and imaging my sister naked on the other side of the door only intensified the hardness in my trousers.

As I walked back into my room there was only one thing on my mind, and it wasn’t school work. I sat on my bed, quickly un-buttoning my shorts and sliding them down to the floor. My boxers followed, freeing my nicely erect cock, again not a bad size for my age. I lay down and quickly started stroking away to the fresh thoughts of my sister’s body. I pulled off my tee-shirt and was soon getting ready to cum.
I could feel the orgasm building in my body as I lay naked on the bed my hips bucking against the movement of my hand. I could feel the cum surging as I moaned quietly, beginning to ride the peak of ecstasy.

I guess with the gentle creaking of the bed springs, I didn’t hear the door open; I just opened my eyes as it did. My cum sprayed across my chest as my sister’s voice rang out “hows the hand freak?” followed by her head peering around the door. She was greeted by the site of me just passed mid orgasm flat out on the bed, with patches of cum over my chest. I guess it took a second or two for her to realise what was going on, and by that time she was already inside the door.

I can’t remember who reacted first, but I grabbed my shirt to cover myself whilst shouting something like “Whoa, What the fuck...”

“Oh my god...” came a startled reply “...Sorry...”

“Get OUT for fucks sake” I half yelped half screamed.

She quickly left as I leapt out of bed and pushed the door closed behind her. I heard her scamper off to her room, as I set about cleaning myself up. I put my shorts back on and found a fresh shirt and went back to my homework, as I wondered if I would ever be able to look Em in the face again.

The rest of the afternoon passed off un eventfully. My folks came home from work, and Mum cooked dinner. We chatted about our days as we ate, though not saying a word or even looking at my sister. I helped Mum with the washing up and went back to my room and played games on the computer for a while.

Later that evening there was a knock on my bedroom door, I know who it was before I even answered. “What?” I said abruptly. “do you mind if I come in?” The question went unanswered, and the knock came again. “WHAT?” I shouted frustratedly. “can we talk?” came my sister’s voice.

“Please?” she pleaded. “Ok” I replied and the door softly opened. My sis came in, eyes to the floor and gently sat on the end of the bed. “about earlier” she started “I’m really sorry... I shoulda knocked”
“forget it” I replied “just knock next time”

“I promise” she said “I just though you said you were doing homework... It wasn’t quite what I expected”
I chuckled, finding it hard not o forgive her, and she smiled back. “you wanna go to the beach tomorrow? I’m going with some friends, it will make up for today”

“sure” I replied, guess the weather looks better at least.

“cool, we’ll do that then. I’m off to bed. Night Bro” she said and came over to give me a hug, then walked towards the door. As she left she looked back, and said “at least you got a good look at me today too” She smiled and shut the door on her way out. I think my cheeks turned as red as my hand!

The next day was beautifully sunny and warm. After a quick breakfast we packed some stuff and headed for the beach. It’s only about a mile away so we walked. Her two friends were going to meet us there, but in the end neither turned up, so it was just the two of us.

We were soon flat out on the beach soaking up the sun. The beach was really long and there were not too many people about and we had picked a nice quiet spot. I was in my usual swimming shorts and tee shirt and my sis, by far the less shy of us was in a really hot two piece white bikini.

Now I might have had quite a nice body, but I never really showed it off, hence the tee-shirt still being on. A point Em picked up on. “you’re never gonna get a good tan dressed like that!” she laughed “get that shirt off”.

“nah, I’m alright thanks” I said. “Rubbish! Get it off, remember I’ve seen it all before” she chuckled, poking me in the ribs.

“Ok, ok, you win” I said, peeling off the offending item and flopping back down.

“that better” she said with a smile on her face and went back to the sunning.

After a while the heat became really unbearable. “fancy a swim?” I asked. “Sure” she replied, getting up. “Last one in is a looser” and set off at a sprint for the sea. I followed admiring here rather shapely backside. By the time I got to the water I was glad I could cover myself.

We swam and splashed about for a while before heading up the beach again. Now I swear, after the previous day, she knew what happens to white clothes when they get wet. And boy did I get an eye full walking back up the beach. By the time we got back to the towels there was a stirring in my swimming shorts. Each time I sneaked a peek at her it would grow a bit more. Soon it must have been quite noticeable

We stayed like that for quite a while, her looking way to sexy and me trying not to get caught looking at her. “ya know” she said “your gonna have awful tan lines on your legs”

Yeah, well there’s nothing I can do about that” I said. “Sure there is” she replied “roll the legs up”
I guess she had a point, and I pushed them roughly upwards about half way. “not like that” she laughed. “well how then?” I questioned. With that she grabbed my leg and bent it at the knee. “like this” she said rolling up the leg of the shorts with military precision. Pulling at the fabric each time before the next roll.

The feel of her hands moving upward soon meant she was not the only thing pressing against the fabric. She moved onto the next leg rolling it up higher and higher. She must have noticed my boner; she had a smirk on her face all the time. When she rolled it to near my crotch, I could feel her fingers brushing the inside of my shorts, almost as if she was searching for something. Of course she was at least pretending to be playing with my shorts. When she made the last roll, she patted my right on the bulge my cock was making.

“There, that better isn’t it?” She asked. I didn’t know what to say, so I just nodded. “glad you like it” she smiled, pressing harder. She rubbed her hands up my leg and back down until they were inside my shorts, one hand found its way to my cock, and smooth fingers gently wrapped around it.

She stopped and lay down next to me. I didn’t know what the hell to do, guess I was in some kind of shock. She took my hand a pressed it against her chest. “you like?” she asked. All I could do was mutter “mmmm” to which she laughed.

She knelt up and started to untie her top. “I know you want to see them” she said as I stared wide eyed. She dropped it to the floor to reveal a perfect pair of boobs. I almost came then and there. She guided my hands back to them and I continued to caress and touch them all over. I guess that lasted a few minutes before she took one of my hands and lowered it down her stomach.

I was in no doubt where she wanted it and I was happy to oblige. She was clean shaved, and her pussy was dripping wet. I fingered her, and played with her clit for a long time and she was moving more and more under my touch, sometimes letting out a slight moan. After a while she grabbed my arm and pulled it away.

“stand up” she ordered, I did as I was told and she immediately pulled my shorts off. I was standing naked on the beach. “no tan lines now” she said, laughing.

She stood up and slid down her own bikini bottoms, before pulling me down on top of her. kissing, touching, stroking, and licking each other’s bodies, totally unaware of anyone else on the beach. She rolled over and sat on my stomach and shuffled back so her pussy was over my face. I took the que and began lapping away. My finger was circling her clit and my tongue probing deep into her.

She was working on my cock and It was not long before I could feel myself nearing orgasm. She was grinding her pussy hard onto my face and suddenly clenched. Just as that happened I started to Cum. “I’m cumming” she cried “mmmmm aarrrrrggg” I was lost in a world of ecstasy as I sprayed my load over her chest.

She finally collapsed onto me, as I lay in the sand. Both of us totally satisfied. We lay there for what seemed like aged, naked on the beach. When It was time to leave, we backed up our stuff, got dressed and started the walk home. We barely said a word, and this continued until bedtime.

I went to my room, climbed into bed and was drifting off to thoughts of the day, when the door opened. My sis poked her head around the door. “Hey Bro, same again tomorrow?” “Sure thing Em” I smiled back as she winked and closed the door on her way out.

End Of part 1